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Praise for The Natural Heritage of Indiana Project

2011-01-20 Leave a comment

The Natural Heritage of Indiana Project “consists of a four-part documentary series, educational materials, a public conference, book republication, podcasts, lesson plans, and more” – inspired by the 1997 publication, The Natural Heritage of Indiana, by Marion T. Jackson.

Natural Heritage of Indiana - The Indiana That Was

Episode 1: The Indiana That Was

I was privileged to see the first episode of the documentary this evening on WFYI, and it was remarkable. The scenery and content are top-tier. You don’t have to be from Indiana to enjoy it, and I cannot recommend it enough. In regards to the project, the author of “The Natural Heritage of Indiana” issued the following challenge:  “if you feel moved to help protect what remains of Indiana’s natural heritage, our objective will have been fulfilled.”

Mr. Jackson, consider your objective fulfilled.

Some notables from episode 1:
  • 20,000 years ago, “Indiana was inhabited by more large animals than exist today in all of Africa”.
  • In recent past, 80% of Indiana was covered by trees, with many exceeding 200 feet in height.
  • Below are a handful of animals that used to be common in the state:
    • Carolina parakeet  (now extinct)
    • Passenger pigeon  (now extinct)
    • Elk and bison
    • Mountain lions
    • Wolves

Watch: Check WFYI for showtimes.
Read: The book that inspired it all:  The Natural Heritage of Indiana – Indiana University Press

The Natural Heritage of Indiana Project