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Tips for Prevention of Domain Hijacking

2007-12-25 1 comment

Domain Hijacking is defined by Wikipedia as "the process by which Internet domain names are stolen from the rightful registrant."  This sort of crime is not limited to large organizations.  An unfortunate example of domain hijacking is described by the victim himself, David Airey.  David describes the crime in detail on his post "WARNING: Google’s GMail security failure leaves my business sabotaged"

In David’s case (And I would assume most cases…), the domain was stolen by first hijacking the email address associated with the domain name registrar.  Once the email address is hijacked and the domain name transfered, the hijacker will use the domain name for their own purposes or attempt to extort money from the victim for return of the domain name.  If you read David Airey’s post, you may have noticed that the hijacker has posted requests for an extortion payment in the comments. 

Domain hijackers are the epitome of sleaze indeed… has a good list of tips for preventing domain name hijacking.  Below are a couple of the most important tips:

  • Use an email address that you own for domain name registration.  Don’t use GMail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.  These addresses are more easily compromised than an address that you own, and may expire without any notice.  When I refer to an email address you own, I’m referring to an address that you have purchased from your ISP or hosting provider.
  • Make sure that your contact information is up to date with domain name registrars, so that you are notified of any changes or upcoming expirations of your domains.
  • Consolidate your domain name registrations so that all of your domains are registered by the same registrar.  This makes it easier to manage your domains.  Most registrars will provide you with a management console for your domains, so that you can see their status easily.

The entire article can be read here – – SPECIAL REPORT: How to protect your domain name from hijackers, porn pirates, and your registrar

David Airey :: Graphic and Logo Designer – I’ve provided a link to David’s new site to aid in rebuilding his lost links and search rankings.


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Hilarious Spoof of

2007-02-13 Leave a comment

This site is a hilarious parody of the Homeland Security’s website  Here’s a sample: parody parody

Via Reddit

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Blogging Tips

2006-12-22 2 comments

Daily Blog Tips has a great post titled “101 Blog Tips I learned in 2006“. It is a great list for any blogger, because out of the 55 million blogs – most of them are a cluttered ugly mess.

The first tip on the list is the most important:

  1. if you are not, start blogging today

This is a tip for anyone who is remotely interested in blogging or anything else for that matter. Blogging is a remarkable way to share your expertise, opinions, rants, etc. in a public way. I am very new to blogging myself, and it is a lot of fun. I wish I would have started sooner.

via Problogger – Group Writing Project Winners

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Need to Batch Resize Photos?

2006-12-22 Leave a comment

If you do enough web development, you’ll eventually need to batch edit images. In my case, I needed to resize 30 or so photos down to a size appropriate for the Web. After searching Google for a while with no luck, I turned to Lifehacker. I should have tried Lifehacker first, as they are the ultimate source of useful applications and other goodies. Here are the two applications that they recommend:

Image Resizer Power Toy from Microsoft
Picassa from Google

Lifehacker Articles:
Resize Images in Windows Explorer
Picasa Photo Manager

To simply resize my images, I ended up using the Image Resizer Power Toy from Microsoft. It is incredibly easy to use and does as advertised. To see what images I had to resize, go to my article titled “Build a Folding Workbench.”

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Encrypted Contact Form for WordPress

2006-12-07 Leave a comment

Zirona OpenSource Consulting has created a plugin for WordPress that provides encryption capabilities to the contact form on your blog.

It is called Subrosa, and it is designed to work with all WordPress contact forms. I successfully set it up with Contact Form ][. To see what it looks like go to my About page.

The plugin uses public key cryptography to encrypt the message. To put it simply: The message is encrypted with your public key, which is stored on your web server. When you receive the message, your private key is used to decrypt the message. Only your private key can decrypt the message.

Subrosa – Encrypted contact form plugin for WordPress

WordPress WYSIWYG Editor Needs Improvement

2006-11-30 1 comment

Anyone who has used the WordPress WYSIWYG editor has likely been very frustrated with it’s inadequacies. It has failed to create valid XHTML and even screwed up my entire blog. (All of my posts were formatted with bold text) If you follow the link you will see the problem and how I fixed it.

The editor also has a terrible time with images. Trying to align images and text will drive you crazy. Even if you manually edit the XHTML, it often does not save your changes. This makes it impossible to properly format a post.

For now I’ve resigned myself to accepting the limitations of the WordPress WYSIWYG editor. It is easiest to just resize an image so that it takes up the entire width of the post area. That way you don’t have to worry about text wrapping and alignment.

If you’re interested in other text editors for WordPress, check out the links below.

Mudbomb’s WYSIWYG Plugin for WordPress – Plugin that replaces the existing WordPress editor

W.Blogger – client side blog tool. Write and save posts on your local PC for publishing later. Allows you to use one tool to post to multiple blogs. Works with the most popular blog publishing systems.

Performancing – client side blog tool integrated into the Mozilla Firefox web browser.

Excellent Notepad Replacement

2006-08-30 Leave a comment

Notepad2 is a free Notepad replacement that includes line numbers and color-coded text. It also has more flexibility with encoding. It can be found here.

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