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Thinkature – Collaborate on the Web

2006-11-09 Leave a comment

My immediate reaction to Thinkature is amazement! It is a real-time collaboration tool for the web. To put it simply – it is a whiteboard on the web that multiple people can contribute to simultaneously. You can create text boxes, freehand draw, and upload images.

Potential uses for Thinkature:

  • Ever talked to someone on the phone and had the need to draw them a picture/map/diagram?
  • To-do lists and reminders for families
  • Web development
  • Graphic design


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Personal Knowledge Management (PKM)

2006-10-12 1 comment

I’m interested in personal knowledge management almost out of necessity. As an Informatics student and general IT geek, I’m completely overwhelmed by the amount of useful information on the Internet. There are so many projects that I want to start, finish, abandon, etc., that it is very hard for me to keep everything organized.

My favorite things to attempt to organize are bookmarked websites, news articles, reference materials, and email. I will very likely continue to post on my experiments (and hopefully successes) in personal knowledge management.

For an excellent introduction to personal knowledge management, I suggest you check out Harold Jarche’s blog. His post on his own PKM system is great.

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