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Indianapolis Recycling Google Map

UPDATE 2014.08.13:  Keep Indianapolis Beautiful no longer offers a recycling guide. The Indianapolis Recycling Guide is now being provided by the Indiana Recycling Coalition.

UPDATE:  Keep Indianapolis Beautiful has developed an Indianapolis recycle and reuse guide that now includes a map.  It is far more comprehensive than mine, so I am redirecting visitors to my map to theirs.

I’ve created a Google Maps application that shows recycling locations in Indianapolis for various categories of recyclable material.  The map currently contains locations for city drop-off bins, cardboard, and computer and lab equipment.  I plan to add more categories in the future.  Click the image to go to the map.

Indianapolis Recycling Map

  1. Heidi
    2008-04-22 at 2:59 PM

    This is great – I love it! I ran across it will looking for a place to take the dreaded plastics 3-7. Apparently, Indianapolis Recycled Fiber on South West Street is the only place in town that will take them. As far as I can find out. You might want to add that bit of information to your map as well.

    Thanks for the handy recycling guide!

  2. 2014-07-10 at 9:52 AM

    If they do find garbage though, they will leave a tag and ask you to sort
    out your garbage that they will then collect the next week.

    Currently eco – ATM is mainly used to identify the phone, this year launched a new version will be able to identify digital cameras, notebook computers,
    printers, MP3 and many other electronic products. If you
    have become convinced to recycle your laptop batteries, you can then contact your local recycling facility.

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