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When the Windows Installation Fails

When the installation of an operating system doesn’t go smoothly, it can quickly turn into a major nightmare. In some occasions there seems as if there simply is no solution, but there is! Standby for the answer…but first – my story:

I have an old Compaq Presario laptop that has always been a lemon. This thing would always would hang or do other strange things. At one point the thermal pad on the processor fried. The symptom for this is the machine just powering down hard at random. (Like you yanked the power cord) What happens is the BIOS shuts down the power because the processor became to hot. After replacing the thermal pad and later the hard drive, I determined it was finally time to reinstall the OS.

When attempting to install Windows, the laptop would simply go nowhere. I tried multiple times with valid media and it simply would not load. After giving up on Windows, my answer was to install Ubuntu GNU/Linux instead. The Ubuntu Linux distribution installed flawlessly, and I even used it to connect to a wireless network for a while.

If you are thinking of trying a Linux distribution, just go for it. Use an old PC that you have sitting around just to get something going. Linux runs great on older hardware that would not work with Windows. And the best part is that it is free and comes with a great support community!

For a similar story, check out Harold Jarche’s article titled Linux; best for your average home user.

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