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Upgrade Your Router's Firmware to Enhance Security

It is a good idea to upgrade the firmware on your router to take advantage of new features and bug fixes. Firmware is the software that runs the router. Most people are not aware that the firmware can be upgraded and don’t know why they should do so. It is likely that the vast majority of people never upgrade their firmware.

Why should I upgrade my firmware?

  • Bug fixes – software is notoriously buggy. Something as important as a router demands the most up-to-date, clean software. Think about the data that flows through your wireless network…email, credit card numbers, etc.
  • Security – firmware upgrades may give you access to new security features such as WPA, MAC address filtering, etc…
  • Performance – can your router be too fast? Performance increases are a possibility when upgrading the firmware.

The process to upgrade firmware may vary among the different manufacturers. In the case of Dlink, they offer the firmware as a download from the product support page. Once you’ve downloaded the update, you log into the router itself to install it.

If you need more incentive to upgrade your router and implement better security, read the article by David Pogue of the NY Times – How Secure is Your Wi-Fi Connection. His article is geared more toward Wi-Fi hotspots, but your wireless router at home works the same way.

Update – 1/11/2006: GetNetWise has videos on how to setup the various security features of wireless routers. Check out their page Activate your Base Station Wireless Security Settings.

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