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WordPress WYSIWYG Editor Needs Improvement

Anyone who has used the WordPress WYSIWYG editor has likely been very frustrated with it’s inadequacies. It has failed to create valid XHTML and even screwed up my entire blog. (All of my posts were formatted with bold text) If you follow the link you will see the problem and how I fixed it.

The editor also has a terrible time with images. Trying to align images and text will drive you crazy. Even if you manually edit the XHTML, it often does not save your changes. This makes it impossible to properly format a post.

For now I’ve resigned myself to accepting the limitations of the WordPress WYSIWYG editor. It is easiest to just resize an image so that it takes up the entire width of the post area. That way you don’t have to worry about text wrapping and alignment.

If you’re interested in other text editors for WordPress, check out the links below.

Mudbomb’s WYSIWYG Plugin for WordPress – Plugin that replaces the existing WordPress editor

W.Blogger – client side blog tool. Write and save posts on your local PC for publishing later. Allows you to use one tool to post to multiple blogs. Works with the most popular blog publishing systems.

Performancing – client side blog tool integrated into the Mozilla Firefox web browser.

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