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Dual-Boot Laptop Abandoned

My goal was to have a dual-boot laptop with Windows XP Pro and SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 or Ubuntu Dapper. I ran into problems with both SUSE and Ubuntu. SUSE would not install with ACPI enabled, which resulted in SUSE not being able to power-off the laptop. it would restart, but not power off. The wireless LAN and sound card did not work, but that was not surprising.

Ubuntu would only install with the alternate AMD64 Dapper image. After installing, however, it would not boot the laptop. It would hang when “loading hardware drivers.” I’m curious to know if ACPI was the cause here as well.

After numerous installations and plenty of disk partitioning, I finally gave up and just installed Windows. I’m disappointed that I had to go with a Windows only machine, but I just didn’t have the time to tinker with it. I may end up installing SUSE on my primary PC, but we’ll see…

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