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Factory Farming is Bad for Everyone

Factory farms are massive animal farming operations. These farm animals are raised in horribly inhumane conditions. Many of the animals are kept in cages where they are not even allowed to turn around or lie down. Hormones and antibiotics are used recklessly on these animals, and likely end up in the meat intended for humans. The excessive use of antibiotics on these animals has caused many of these drugs to be ineffective in treating human infections.

Learn more about factory farming at the following websites:

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  1. 2006-09-25 at 11:01 PM

    Thanks for the excellent sources, Chris. Here’s a related story:

    If you thought that “Green” necessarily means “opposition to factory farms” … well, guess again.

    The only elected Green on the County Commission of Winona, Minnesota has been supporting large-scale livestock confinement operations — even casting the deciding vote on two permits less than a year apart.

    The party that endorsed Dwayne Voegeli for office has said nothing about his votes, but the President of the local Chamber of Commerce applauded him in the newspaper: “Good call Commissioner!”

    Background and details: Gang Green
    On Blogger, see Green Party Gone Bad

    Voegeli is up for reelection in six weeks.

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